John Frank Simmons aka Juan Del Fuego (Owner / Head Coach)    john

Favourite ‘Girls’ WoD: None of them. They can all die in a fire.

CrossFit nemesis: Thrusters! It’s like getting punched in the gut every time I do one.

Why I love CrossFit: I have seen CrossFit transform so many lives. I’ve seen relationships grow stronger than ever through CrossFit. What we do goes way beyond sweating. The CrossFit community is unlike any other I’ve ever seen.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Started in 2010.

Previous /other sporting interests: High school football, basketball and track. I played rugby for 5 years after, but I feel my true calling was competitive pole dancing. However, that’s a young mans game. I’m just past my prime.

Fitness philosophy: If you ain’t squattin’ you ain’t livin’.

Favorite food: Powdered sugar donuts.

Random fun fact: I have no natural resistance to the sun. I, in fact, am a ginger. This also means I sleep hanging upside down.

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Blanca Guerrero (Gym Manager / Coach)

Favorite ‘Girls’ WoD:  Annie! Du’s all day

CrossFit nemesis: Thrusters. Nuf said

Why I love CrossFit: I love Crossfit because I don’t have to think of a workout to do nor do I have to create my own motivation. It happens all before I walk into the box.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Since the caveman was alive lol. I’ve done it since December 3, 2008. I forget and say 2007 but that was when I started dancing for the Dynamo Girls. My years are getting mixed up but I did the research and found my first inquiry email about Crossfit  .

Previous /other sporting interests: I was the full time tomboy; I played soccer growing up with the boys. Years later the tables turned and I became a dancer for the Houston Dynamo. I was on the team for 6 years and out of those years I was Captain for 4.

Fitness philosophy: Just get out and do something. I’ve tried it all and you might have to as well before finding that True LOVE/HATE relationship that works.

Favorite food: Probably pizza or wings or Italian. Umm I guess I cant just pin point it to one.

Random fun fact: This tomboy can do makeup almost like a pro. I guess its because I like to color in between the lines. If I like you enough, I’ve probably done your makeup at least once. Well that’s if you are a girl ha ha


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Marisa Stahl (Owner / Coach)


Favorite ‘Girls’ WOD: Cindy. It’s all about pacing yourself and not getting too overzealous. This WOD is 20:00, it takes a toll on you mentally.

CrossFit nemesis: Running of any kind

Fitness goal: Stay fit until I’m 100, then give up!

Why I love CrossFit: Once I think I’ve mastered one goal, another goal pops it’s little head up.

How long have you done CrossFit: Since 2011

Previous/other sporting interests: Volleyball, basketball, triathlons

Fitness philosophy: If you can whine, you have one more rep to go

Favorite quote: “Just Keep Swimming”- Dory from Nemo

Favorite food: Tex-Mex

Random fun fact: I can say all of the Presidents of the USA in order

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Johnny Steel (Owner)


Favourite ‘Girls’ WoD: I hate all of them equally

CrossFit nemesis : PISTOLS… they are terrible – we were given 2 legs for a reason.

Fitness goal: I have a lot of benchmark goals for workouts, but my primary goal has always been continue to improve the way I feel and the quality of my life. With two young kids I need to be able to stay healthy and in shape as they continue to grow older.

Why I love CrossFit: I truly believe it’s for EVERYBODY. It is as beneficial for my 65 year old mom as it is for my 10 year old son. Anybody can do some form of CrossFit work out because the movements in CrossFit intertwine with the motions of our everyday life. I have had knee surgery/ a broken elbow/ broken wrist/ cracked collar bone and a jacked-up shoulder all prior to ever doing CrossFit and I have never felt better. After Military school I struggled to find a workout routine that fit my life so I quit all together for 2 years before my wife dragged me into a box with a bunch of crazy kool-aid drinking CrossFitters. Despite my reluctance I was converted.

How long have you done CrossFit?: First WOD – Aug 31, 2011

Previous /other sporting interests: Dodgeball ! ( I did also play High School Football and College Intramural B-ball )

Fitness philosophy: I work out hard so I can live better and play harder guilt free.

Favorite quote: From the movie Tombstone: Johnny Ringo: “You retired too?” Doc Holliday: “Not me. I’m in my prime.”

Favorite food(s): 1) Ribeye 2) Porterhouse 3) Bone in Filet – just sayin’

Random fun fact: I used to be in The Math Club

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Mairi “Maz” Morgan (Owner)


(Btw Mairi is the Scottish version of “Mary” and is pronounced like ”marry” not “Mary”, not “Marie” and not “My-ray”). Probably best to stick to Maz!!

Favourite ‘Girls’ WoD: Helen, Diane or Karen

Crossfit nemesis: Wall climbs. Dislike!

Fitness goal: Handstand walk. I’d also love to get back into triathlon at some point…maybe a half Iron Man (70.3 miles) is in my distant future.

Why I love CrossFit: I really do believe it gives you the biggest fitness bang for your buck, providing the opportunity to get both stronger and faster at the same time. I love the paradox that it can be both highly competitive but also that no one else matters except yourself. I never get bored or stuck in a routine. The sense of community and camaraderie is fantastic – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been allowed to bring my little girl down to a ‘regular’ gym and leave her quietly (ok, sometimes loudly) in her car seat or pack n play while I worked out.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Since early 2012

Previous /other sporting interests: I’ve tried my hand at many things, with very different levels of success(!), but the ones that stuck the most are triathlon, road cycling, skiing and ballet.

Fitness philosophy: Nike said it best…..Just Do It

Favorite quote: “This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.” – Winston Churchill

Favorite food: Thai food any day of the week. Maybe some queso on the side….plus any form of sea salt caramel chocolate to finish.

Random fun fact: I once got hugged and air-kissed by Helena Christensen, one of the original supermodels.

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Gary “Gaz” Morgan (Owner)


Favourite ‘Girls’ WoD: I’m partial to Diane, Helen and Nancy

Crossfit nemesis: Definitely pistols. They’re so nasty

Fitness goal: Flirt with a 5 minute mile (run) and handstand walk 25m.

Why I love Crossfit: I find Crossfit to be highly effective in improving my fitness and it’s also broadly measurable which allows me to analyze my performance. I love the fact that my aerobic fitness levels increase without specific training and my joints and muscles feel better than ever! Crossfit is inclusive and anyone can get involved, irrespective of age or physical characteristics.

How long have you done Crossfit?: since Q1 2012. My wife eventually persuaded me to come down to the box. I can’t remember what my first WOD was but I do remember clearly lying on the floor wondering how I’d just had my arse handed to me. From that point I was hooked – to get stronger, faster and more powerful.

Previous /other sporting interests: Thai boxing

Fitness philosophy: Train hard. Live long.

Favorite quote: “It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon, don’t concentrate on the finger or you’ll miss all the heavenly glory” – Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon

Favorite food: Large steak and a bottle of red. I do like a nice 32oz steak.

Random fun fact: I support Newcastle United Football Club (that’s soccer to Americans), one of the greatest clubs on this planet

  • CrossFit Level 1

Brittany Ward (Coach)


Favourite ‘Girls’ WoD: Grace

CrossFit nemesis: Running

Fitness goal: Ring dips in a wod

Why I love CrossFit: I love crossfit because of it’s variety and adaptability. It’s encouraging to look across the room and see different ages and skill levels all working toward the same goal: to be better than they were the day before.

How long have you done CrossFit?: since July 2013

Previous /other sporting interests: swimming, volleyball, triathlons, half-marathons

Fitness philosophy: “Your body is the engine, your mind is the engineer.”

Favorite quote: “You’re killing me, Smalls”

Favorite food: Cookies, duh

Random fun fact: I like to randomly squat people


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Thais Herrero

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Ginger Spencer

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Robert Johnson

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Lara Richard (Mobility Coach)


Favorite ‘Girls’ WoD:  Fran

CrossFit nemesis: Deadlifts

Why I love CrossFit: It gives us Uncle Rico Athletes a chance to show off their skills and relive the glory days. I also love that it is adaptable to all levels and there is always something new to learn or improve.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Mid 2012

Previous /other sporting interests: I have been dancing classical ballet, modern, jazz, and tap since age 5 and spent some time dancing in a professional company while in college. I was also on the Varsity Wrestling Team in High School.

Fitness philosophy: Go into each work-out with a goal you want to achieve.

Favorite food: Sushi!

Favorite quote: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful” – John Maeda



Edward Hurta (Coach)


Favorite ‘Girls’ WoD: Grace and Isabel. I lift things up and put them down.

CrossFit nemesis: Hand Stand Push-Ups.

Why I love CrossFit: I like lift….. I also like competing everyday and being constantly surrounded by a great group of friends.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Started in summer of 2012

Previous /other sporting interests: College baseball. High school football, baseball and soccer.

Fitness philosophy: Train like an Athlete, not a Hamster.

Favorite food: Steak with a side of ultimate red velvet cheesecake.

Random fun fact: Did a little male modeling back in the day. If anyone needs any pointers or would like to do some runway walks for a warmup feel free to ask.


CrossFit Level 1 Sports Chiropractor at Airrosti

Jaclyn Ward (Running Coach)

Favorite ‘Girls’ WoD: Nancy…running and OHS! Oh and Annie

CrossFit nemesis: I despise Ring Dips and Thrusters equallyjaclyn

Why I love CrossFit: It transformed my life and challenges me every day! There’s always a new goal to set my eyes on and work towards improving. I love the community, it’s one of a kind…I can run alone for days but put me in a gym by myself and I have no idea what to do and will reach boredom in 5 seconds.

How long have you done CrossFit?: Since July of 2013

Previous /other sporting interests: Swimming, Cycling, Triathlons, and Running DUH (anything but “sprints”)

Fitness philosophy: “Look in the mirror…that’s your competition”. There will always be somebody bigger, leaner, stronger, faster, etc., so don’t compare yourself to others, it will never make you happy. Focus on your own journey and be the best version of you possible!

Favorite food: Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Cookies…Oh my!

Random fun fact: I have a HUGE sweet tooth but don’t ever ask me to actually bake something edible.

Carissa Stith – Powerlifting Coach

 Favorite Lift: Bench…because God blessed me with short arms, a good arch and no boobs.

Training nemesis: Yoga.  I am about as flexible as a lead pipe.
Why I love powerlifting: I love powerlifting because the cardio is minimal and your coolness factor is based on the number of donuts you can eat during a single lifting session. In all seriousness, I love participating in, and coaching this sport, because it is amazing to watch people go for it- when they push their limits, go for the heavier weight, and accomplish something they never thought possible.
How long have you done powerlifting? 6 years…I had a CrossFit coach convince me sign up for my first powerlifting meet in 2011.
Previous /other sporting interests: I played soccer and was a sprinter/ long jumper in high school. I lived the Gold’s Gym life for awhile until I found CrossFit 2010 and never turned back. That is, until I stepped into the CrossFit pain cave. So I ran like hell to the lifting room and then I really never turned back.
Fitness philosophy: Stop thinking of yourself as weak. Throw some weight on the bar and make the lift happen. Maybe you’ll fail. But you won’t die from failure. Instead, you’ll be living.
Favorite food:  Donuts…specifically Hugs & Donuts
Random fun fact:  I am always scared that my zipper is down.
Certifications:  CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Strongman, CPR/ AED
Do you want my powerlifting accomplishments as well?
13-time state record holder
Current state record holder for back squat, bench, bench only and overall total for 56kg raw open women (USPA)
Placed third in 2012 USAPL Nationals
2013 IPF Pan-American Powerlifting Champion
2014 USAPL State Champion and Best Overall Female Lifter