Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Options

Campus Training:

  • Our coaches deliver CrossFit and Zumba classes and coaching right on your own campus
  • Classes can be provided to fit in with your company’s desired schedule.
  • Our head coach will create programming to meet the needs of your employees. This may reflect our regular programming, but may also be more tailored to the level of experience and goals of your employees.
  • We will provide guidance on how to adapt an existing campus gym into a CrossFit environment, or advise on how to create a suitable space from scratch. We will recommend, and can facilitate, equipment purchases.

Corporate Subsidized CrossFit Zeke membership:

  • If creating an-onsite gym is not possible, or the capacity is not enough to meet employee demand, employees can become members of CrossFit Zeke and participate in classes at our HQ, conveniently located near the I-10 and 610 intersection:
    • CrossFit Zeke, 1500 North Post Oak Rd, Houston, TX, 77055

Additional Benefits:

  • Following a healthy and balanced diet is the most important element in any fitness program. You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Our coaches can help educate and motivate members in a number of ways:
    • Short educational seminars on sensible approaches to nutrition.
    • Group nutrition challenges. Designed to kick-start healthier lifestyles using weight and performance metrics as a baseline, with participants working towards an end-of-challenge goal.

Testimonials from an Existing Client:

Scott McGrath, Vice President Operations, Seadrill Americas Inc.

“My workouts with CrossFit Zeke have been the best work out of my life (and I have tried a lot of different gyms and programs). They provide a total body workout that includes every major muscle group combined with the proper amount of cardio. Our instructor led CrossFit sessions have lowered my weight, dramatically improved my overall strength, increased my cardio endurance and best of all I am sleeping better at night and I have more concentration at work.” Scott McGrath is 55 years old.

Amanda Smith, Senior HR Advisor

“Like most companies, we struggle to keep employees focused on their overall health and wellbeing. While we clearly see the benefits of employee wellness from the company side, getting employees to “buy-in” has always been tough. In January 2015 Seadrill partnered with CrossFit Zeke as part of their Corporate Wellness offerings. At first we offered two classes, Beginners (for the weak and mild) and Advanced (for the high school athlete just waiting to be shine again). The first week we only had about 10 people show up, but once word got around about how addicting it was, how much fun we were having, and how proud we were of ourselves, more and more people started coming. Through the last year I’ve heard testimony of people saying by altering their eating habits and working out in the program, they are no longer taking blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medicine. I can only imagine the cost savings we’ve experienced by employees taking ownership of their health! The program has also united employees and created a sense of camaraderie which we never could have predicted. I can personally say I will probably always be a CrossFitter in the future. It truly is addicting [for lack of a better word] because working out and pushing yourself to limits you didn’t think you could, is life changing. I would highly recommend CrossFit Zeke to any Corporation looking to implement a wellness program in the workplace.”


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